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Shimmering Peach colored soaps in a flower shape with a light seafoam green soap embedded in each one. Each soap has a different embedded soap inside which consist of 1 Crab, 1 Conch Shell, 1 Clam Shell, 1 Palm Tree, 1 Fish, and 1 Sun. (Showing are the crab, fish, and palm tree). Scented with "Energy" fragrance which is a citrus/pineapple fragrance that smells just like summer!  These soaps are each approximately 3" round x 1" thick and approximately 5 oz. each. They are individually shrinkwrapped.

You have a choice of buying them individually, or you may take advantage of the price break by buying them as a set of two or the entire set of six. If bought individually or as a pair, we will send the soap design of our choice. If you buy the set of six, you will receive all 6 designs.

Product Code: SP07

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